Please note the following is here for historical purposes only. For all practical purposes, the era of "dial up" telegraph has ended. That does not mean landline Morse telegraphy is gone! Please check out Morse KOB. This is the "next generation" of landline Morse telegraphy. Morse KOB has proved very effective and popular!

Dial-up Telegraphy

Think landline telegraphy using genuine American Morse is gone forever ? Well, think again ! A small group of dedicated enthusiasts practice the art of landline Morse telegraphy on a weekly basis using a method called "dial-up telegraphy". Obsolete 300 baud modems are interfaced to a key and sounder with a simple circuit. The full-duplex mode of these modems allows a "DC loop" to be exactly simulated.

Landline lives ! For more detail, see the articles below.

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Details of KOB Dial-up Circuit
Discussion of Dial-up Circuit with 4 Ohm Sounders
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The KOB Dial-up Schematic GIF Image

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